Accredited Conference Company

Cygnea is an Accredited Conference Company. For over 18 years, Cygnea has been active as a conference organiser. Earning the designation ‘Accredited Conference Company’ at the beginning of 2013 was the crowning glory of our work. Naturally Cygnea is proud to have received this recognition.

What is an Accredited Conference Management Agency?

The accreditation regulation for conference management agencies was introduced in 1996 by the Society for Dutch Conference Interests, the VNC. The goal of this accreditation is to promote quality in the conference branch and to indicate the conference management agencies that provide qualitatively excellent conference management services.
Accredited conference management agencies offer high quality and belong at the top of their sector. They are reviewed regularly by external inspectors. Moreover, based on information from and the wishes of clients, and technological developments, the requirements are regularly sharpened and expanded. Accredited conference management agencies strive to be in the forefront with regards to quality in the field of business events.

The designation 'Accredited Conference Company' is only awarded to companies that meet all the requirements. Accredited conference management agencies offer clients a whole range of security in every aspect of the service. The preparation, the organisation and support on the day of the event, and the delivery; clients can be sure that the event will run without a hitch.

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