Cygnea is an experienced and inspiring agency for congress management, technical support and the specialist in interactive Response Systems.


Attention to detail


Who are we?

Cygnea is an experienced and inspiring conference management agency and the specialist in interactive Response Systems. Cygnea offers you all the extra’s you need to exceed the expectations of your participants. Together we work towards a perfect day, because ‘A perfect day’ is what we stand for.

Cygnea combines knowledge, enthusiasm and years of experience with three cast-iron formulas: conference management, technical congress support and Response Systems. As one of the few congress organisers we are capable to manage the organisation and the technique in order to ensure a perfect business meeting.

We are the partner in the organisation of your congress or other business meeting, whom you can fully trust. We will get everything out of your event. Our project managers are supported by an enthusiastic and skilled project team, which guarantees an efficient work process and a proper back up. Achievable planning, clear and timely reports, transparent budgets, clear invoices and insight in the financial settlement belong to our standards for doing business.

Cygnea is also your professional partner in supporting your meeting with the latest interactive and/or other technical features. Our congress operators are experts in the field of sound, light, video recording and conferencing, interactive voting systems, congress apps and building websites. They prepare meetings for our customers and are present at the venue, if necessary with one or more colleagues, and responsible for the perfect execution.


Our vision: A perfect day

In order to organise a perfect day for you, we first work out precisely what you want to achieve and what will interest your participants. With our conference management and interactive (voting) sessions we want to make every business event ‘A perfect day’. A day that exceeds the expectations of you as a client and the participants of the event. Such a result stems from close collaboration between your organisation, the specialists responsible for the content of the event and our experienced professionals.

Naturally, we let ourselves be guided by a few core values: collaboration, attention to detail and reliability. Careful preparation is of paramount importance. We clearly communicate with you, as our client, on every step. This systematic approach ensures that on the day of the event, everything runs smoothly. And that we together maintain a good overview of the proceedings so that we can deal with any unexpected circumstances that may arise.


Ode to the swan

Mussels, such as the swan mussel, Anodonta Cygnea, can be found in many Dutch waters. Peter Boogaard, founder of Cygnea, knows everything there is to know about this shellfish, since he concluded his degree in medical biology with a study into this little creature in particular. When he decided to devote his working life to conference management, he honoured the swan mussel – and the often unexpected wealth of the native fauna – by naming his company after the Latin word for swan, Cygnea.


  • The Cygnea Response System gives an extra dimension to the No Ball Games sports quizzes. There is an instant result and the winner can be announced right away. We worked well together: we designed the quizzes and Cygnea processed the photos and films and loaded everything into the Cygnea Response System. They supplied all the necessary equipment. It works perfectly.

    Hans-Jörgen Nicolai, Owner of No Ball Games

  • Het Cygnea Response System geeft een extra dimensie aan de sportquizzen van No Ball Games. Er is direct resultaat en de winnaar is meteen bekend. We werken plezierig met elkaar samen. Cygnea verwerkt de quizzen die wij ontwerpen met foto’s en films in het Cygnea Response System. En levert zonodig alle benodigde apparatuur. Het werkt perfect!

    Hans-Jörgen Nicolai, Eigenaar No Ball Games

  • Cygnea is more than a supplier to us: it is a real partner. Together we developed ‘wetlabs’ for heart surgery training using animal tissues. Cygnea thought along with us and put a lot of energy into it. Together we created an excellent and successful training model. We can always call on Cygnea and know that they always provide work of great quality. We are completely satisfied with them when we work together.

    Dickey Franssen-Brader, Education Manager of St. Jude Medical EMEAC (Europe, Middle East, Asia & Canada)

  • Cygnea is voor ons veel meer dan een leverancier: zij is echt een partner. We hebben samen ‘wetlabs’ ontwikkeld voor trainingen in hartchirurgie met dierlijk weefsel. Cygnea heeft daarin uitvoerig meegedacht en veel energie gestoken. Samen hebben we een prachtig en succesvol trainingsmodel gecreëerd. Wij kunnen altijd een beroep doen op Cygnea en weten dat de kwaliteit op elk moment in orde is. We werken naar volle tevredenheid samen.

    Dickey Franssen-Brader, Education manager van St. Jude Medical EMEAC (Europe, Middle East, Asia & Canada)

  • We have been hiring Cygnea for many years now for audiovisual support and the Cygnea Response System. The contact is personally, the lines are short. In our business it is essential that you work together with people whom you can completely trust regarding quality and service. And Cygnea is such a partner. A reliable and friendly partner.

    Rob Zikkenheimer, Director of Congress Care

  • Wij huren Cygnea al vele jaren in voor audiovisuele ondersteuning en het Cygnea Response System. Het contact is persoonlijk en de lijnen zijn kort. In ons vak is het essentieel dat je samenwerkt met mensen op wie je honderd procent kunt vertrouwen op kwaliteit en service. Bij Cygnea is dat zo. Het is een betrouwbare en plezierige partner.

    Rob Zikkenheimer, Directeur Congress Care

  • Cygnea is a friendly and reliable company that meets its commitments. We form a perfect match. Cygnea organises conferences that take place at the NBC. There are good personal connections and, with regards to business, we have the same values: we are both transparent and want to do business honestly and openly. Our joint clients recognise and appreciate this.

    Liesbeth Grootvelt, salesmanager at NBC

  • Cygnea is een prettig en betrouwbaar bedrijf dat afspraken nakomt. We vormen een perfecte match. Cygnea organiseert congressen die bij NBC plaatsvinden. Er is een klik op het persoonlijke vlak en in zakelijk opzicht staan we er hetzelfde in: we zijn allebei transparant en houden ervan om eerlijk en oprecht zaken te doen. Onze gezamenlijke opdrachtgevers herkennen en waarderen dat.

    Liesbeth Grootvelt, salesmanager bij NBC

  • During the Packaging Battle at Empack 2012, we used the Cygnea Response System. In this way our visitors could actively take part in the discussion on points of view defended by two parties. Not only was the Battle interactive, it also gave a good picture of the opinions of those present. The Cygnea Response System was very easy to employ and user friendly. The members of the Cygnea team were very efficient in their preparation and delivery!

    Cornelien Baijens, Managing Director EasyFairs Nederland

  • Tijdens de Verpakkingsbattle op Empack 2012 hebben wij het Response System gebruikt. Hierdoor konden onze bezoekers actief deelnemen aan de stellingen die door 2 partijen werden verdedigd. Dit maakte de Battle niet alleen interactief, maar gaf een goed beeld van de meningen van de aanwezigen. De inzet van het Response System was zeer gemakkelijk en gebruikersvriendelijk. De aanwezige medewerkers van Cygnea zorgden voor een zeer goede voorbereiding en afhandeling!

    Cornelien Baijens, Managing Director easyFairs Nederland

  • Top quality company. Professional. The people at Cygnea always think along with you. When the content of a conference has been worked out, they take over the complete execution. They keep an active check on all the arrangements and are calm and composed during the conference.

    Huub Eggen, Head of Communication & Public Affairs of the STW Technology Foundation

  • Prima bedrijf. Professioneel. De mensen van Cygnea denken altijd goed mee. Als een congres inhoudelijk rond is, nemen zij de complete uitvoering op zich. Ze bewaken actief alle afspraken. En zijn op de congressen altijd de rust zelve.

    Huub Eggen, Hoofd communicatie & public affairs van Technologiestichting STW

  • Network days, annual general meetings, conferences... these are events that are always prepared with the greatest of care and hospitality for the client and organisation. So, as presenter, I often find myself in a nearly ideal working situation (where the pressure is on, the expectations are high and where the atmosphere is one of congenial tension). The challenge for me is to make it as relaxed and content-oriented as possible for the client. At such moments, I always rely on the people who are responsible for putting the framework of the event together. Cygnea is a companyI really like to work with; they know me, I know them, we know that we both work hard when necessary, but that we can also relax when the opportunity arises. With a cup of coffee, a glass of water or a good joke. And that’s how it should be! Many thanks for your enormous commitment and support...

    Jan Douwe Kroeske, Chairman of the day

  • Netwerkdagen, jaarvergaderingen, congressen...het zijn allemaal bijeenkomsten die voor opdrachtgever en organisatie altijd met de grootste nauwkeurigheid en hospitality worden voorbereid. Als presentator kom ik daarom heel vaak in een bijna ideale werksituatie (waar de druk hoog is, de verwachting groot en de sfeer prettig-gespannen). Wat ik dan een uitdaging vind is om het voor de opdrachtgever zo ontspannen en inhoudelijk mogelijk te verzorgen. Op zulke momenten doe ik ook altijd aanspraak op de mensen die het geraamte van een evenement in elkaar hebben gezet. Cygnea is een partij waar ik heel graag mee werk, ze kennen mij, ik ken hen, we weten van elkaar dat we hard kunnen werken als het er op aan komt, maar dat we ook kunnen ontspannen als even kan...Met een kopje koffie, een glaasje water of een goeie mop. En zo hoort 't!...Dank voor jullie tomeloze inzet en ondersteuning...

    Jan Douwe Kroeske, Dagvoorzitter

  • Reliable, empatethic, service-oriented. Those are the first three things that come to mind when I think of Cygnea. We have been doing business with them for more than twenty years and have only had positive experiences. For us, Cygnea is a company you can rely on!

    Jacob Muller, Accountmanager at Boerhaave CME

  • Betrouwbaar, meedenken, servicegericht. Dat zijn de eerste drie punten waar ik aan denk bij Cygnea. Wij doen al meer dan twintig jaar zaken met hen en we hebben alleen maar positieve ervaringen. Voor ons is Cygnea een bedrijf om op te bouwen!

    Jacob Muller, Accountmanager Boerhaave Nascholing

  • Cygnea takes over a great deal of the work for a conference, yet the preparations go very smoothly. On the day of the event, no-one realises how much organisation has gone into the preparations of the day. The Cygnea team is always composed and efficient. No grim faces or large files under their arms. That shows how capable they are. And, the price/quality relationship is excellent. They are invariably the cheapest.

    Michiel Roelse, Operations Manager of Technology Top Institute Green Genetics

  • Met Cygnea verloopt de voorbereiding op een congres heel soepel, terwijl ze ons echt zeer veel werk uit handen nemen. Op de dag zelf merkt niemand al het organisatiewerk dat erachter zit. De mensen van Cygnea treden altijd rustig en adequaat op. Geen verbeten blikken of grote ordners. Dat is knap. En daarbij: de prijs/kwaliteitverhouding is uitstekend. Ze behoren steevast tot de goedkoopste.

    Michiel Roelse, Manager operations van Technologisch Topinstituut Groene Genetica

  • FORTHE solely uses the Cygnea Response System and Cygnea's technical and audiovisual assistance In its meetings. Cygnea is 100% reliable and highly professional in quality, planning and budgeting. The Cygnea Response System outperforms any other system, also those using notebooks and PDA’s. It lets you get more information out of an audience than you might expect. Working with Cygnea is a beautiful example of European cooperation. I can recommend these kind and capable Dutch people to everyone worldwide!

    Joachim Sandner, General manager FORTHE

  • FORTHE solely uses the Cygnea Response System and Cygnea's technical and audiovisual assistance In its meetings. Cygnea is 100% reliable and highly professional in quality, planning and budgeting. The Cygnea Response System outperforms any other system, also those using notebooks and PDA’s. It lets you get more information out of an audience than you might expect. Working with Cygnea is a beautiful example of European cooperation. I can recommend these kind and capable Dutch people to everyone worldwide!

    Joachim Sandner, General manager FORTHE