Response systems

The Cygnea Response system is an interactive voting system that invites participants to really participate in your presentation. We can also provide applications for tablets or voting with participant’s smartphones.

We offer three different types of response systems.

Messenger keypads

Voting the way you are used to by open or multiple choice questions, connected to our own dedicated network. This system is integrated in PowerPoint so you have all the PowerPoint advantages. If you wish, we place your logo in the display. The participants answer questions anonymously or are registered by name, using the RF ID card. Of course, voting results are available during or after the presentation.


The tablets offer the same functionality as our Messenger keypads and more! Participants can answer open or multiple choice questions, anonymous or registered by name, connected to our own dedicated network. Chairs or speakers can receive real time digital feedback and questions from the audience. The tablets provide not only a modern solution for voting, the application can be customized to your own corporate identity and has the same functionalities as most other congress applications. The app provides your participants with the program, evaluation, lecturer’s slides etc. However, since the tablets are not connected to the internet, the information on the tablet can not be downloaded or sent forward. Your information is fully protected.

Web based

Participants vote with their own smartphone or tablet using the web-application! Participants can register by name or anonymously. Naturally, Cygnea can deliver some additional tablets for participants without own devices. During the presentation, participants can digitally ask questions to the speaker in real time. The application also offers the possibility to evaluate the event and to provide participants with the program and other information. The system works on the venues’ Wi-Fi network but uses little data.