Congress organisation

From symposium to a customer day, and from a large conference to round–the-table-talks: Cygnea has over 19 years of experience in organising business meetings. The Cygnea team consists of mere experts in the field. We are professional, accurate, pro-active and we always meet our commitments. And Cygnea has been accredited as a Professional Congress Organiser! We have everything to take on the entire management of your conference so that you are free to concentrate on your role as host. But if you wish, you can do part of the organisation yourself. We always work with you to find the right solutions, for instance on how things could be organised better and more efficient, or on the question which venues are suitable for your event and how to negotiate on good (financial) agreements with them.

Cygnea is a specialist in organising meetings for the pharmaceutical industry, scientific societies and technology institutes. These meetings require specialist knowledge, which Cygnea is able to provide.

Our clients keep returning to us, and we like to ask them why. The answers we get differ from the personal contacts and familiar faces, to clear arrangements, the enthusiastic team, a personal touch and that we are able to think along with the clients. We are very proud of that. Our strength lies in our professional and comprehensive services Which makes you able to put part of the organisation -or even the whole day- in our hands. We turn it into a 'A perfect day' for you.

Cygnea is specialized in:

Congres management

Cygnea takes care of the overall organisation of your event, according to your wishes as a customer. From the contact and contract handling with the venue, to the on-site management.

Participant registration

Cygnea creates the online application form and processes the payments, the registration for sub-sessions and the booking of the hotels.


Cygnea creates and sends the invitations and confirmations for your event, advises you about Social Media and applications, creates websites and graphic designs for a logo or congress brand.


Cygnea takes on the submission of accreditation at the specific associations and the CGR approval, together with the required administrative process.

Abstract handling

Cygnea has an extensive experience in creating and communicating the call for abstracts, the online processing of abstracts, the coordination of the abstract rating, and the creation of an abstract book or application.

Congress technique

Cygnea has a professional, in-house technical team that is pleased to assist you with audiovisual equipment, presentations, websites, video registrations and design.


Cygnea recruits sponsors, takes on the contract handling, the financial administration and the booth floorplan.

Wet labs

Cygnea has international experience in organising and facilitating wet labs for cardiologists at medical congresses.