Technical support

Cygnea has a professional, in-house technical team that is pleased to also assist you with audiovisual equipment, presentations, video presentations, live-streaming, webinars and websites. Over the years we have expanded our services and expertise to a whole range of areas. Below you will find some more information about our extra services and products. This is just a selection, so please feel free to contact us with your specific questions. We will gladly show you how quickly all of your requests/wishes can be arranged.

Cygnea works with its own operators who support you and the main players in your meeting. Since 1988 we have been active in organising business events and facilitating interactive (voting) sessions. Thanks to our wealth of experience, we can advise you about the equipment you need. Together we can look for the best and most cost-effective solutions. We install laptops, projectors and speakers monitors. We operate the audiovisual equipment and oversee the whole proceedings. Our credo is to be able to guarantee support in every field, from setting up the sound installation to adjusting your PowerPoint presentation. We are pleased to do this for you. Whatever technical assistance you need, we are there for you. Cygnea will make your day a perfect day!


Cygnea helps you to make presentations and coordinates the contributions and presentations of the speakers. We also design the layout of presentations that are used in interactive sessions.

Video production and live streaming

Cygnea is able to make video productions that can be shown during your conference or event, but is also able to live-stream your event on the internet during your event or publish an after-movie after the event.

Sound and vision

Cygnea integrates the technical side of interactive sessions with all the technology needed for the sound and vision for your business meeting. From projectors and projection screens, microphones and speakers monitors to the total technical coordination.


Cygnea builds websites for the announcement and registration of your conference or event, with the possibility for participants and speakers to upload cases or presentations or to download templates.

Graphic design

Cygnea creates the graphic design for your conference or event. Such as the logo, invitation, announcements and posters.